Colosos del aire por Carlos Lázaro

September 25, 2018

Colosos del aire por Carlos Lázaro

Titulo del libro: Colosos del aire

Autor: Carlos Lázaro

ISBN: 8415747349

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Carlos Lázaro con Colosos del aire

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These aircraft, along with submarines, became weapons of deterrence in the First World War. Discover the routine of a combat crew during a bombing mission and its psychological effects on the population who never believed that death could come from the sky. Also be amazed at the causes of the Hindenburg disaster, the point at which airships were no longer considered a safe means of transport.

Carlos Lázaro holds a PhD in anthropology and is a technology specialist in aviation, which has been the focus of his study since 1995. His publications include titles like Discovering Women in Aeronautics (Aena, 2009) and Military Ballooning in Spain (Ministry of Defence, 1995). He has curated several exhibitions dedicated to ballooning and many of his articles have been published in specialized magazines. He has written other titles such as The Frontiers of America, The Flanders Returning Migrants, and Frontier Diplomacy with American Indians.