40 y Mas por Blanca Garcia

August 21, 2018

40 y Mas por Blanca Garcia

Titulo del libro: 40 y Mas

Autor: Blanca Garcia

Número de páginas: 512 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 1, 2012

ISBN: 6071119731

Editor: Aguilar

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Blanca Garcia con 40 y Mas

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This is not just another self-help book, nor is it a treaty on female psychology based on research and scientific data. Rather, it is a book based on the real-life experiences of thousands of women who have shared their road to self-discovery. In 2011, the author asked 40,000 women to describe what it meant for each of them to be 40 or older. Based on the resulting words, each chapter offers affirmations on who we are today and provides the tools to reaffirm and rediscover aspects of ourselves we have somehow put aside over these past 40 years.